Natura Bungalows


Natura Bungalows is situated in Thassos Town, in a ten-minute walking distance to the city. It is also 1200m from the sandy beaches of the town, as well as the cafeterias and the taverns.
Thassos Town, or else Limenas, is the main city ant the main port of the island, providing plenty of choices to the guests. Good taverns, beach bars, clothing stores, souvenir stores are just some of the choices that will leave everyone satisfied. Limenas is also a place of archaeological interest, because there a guest can find archaeological sites and findings in the whole center.
Generally, Thassos is a beautiful island, which combines green and blue in the most harmonic way. There the guests can visit beaches with crystal clear water and, also, mountains for hiking. The most famous mountain hill in the Island is Ipsarion, where the guests can explore its natural beauties easily. Thassos is very popular for its hospitality and beauty, so year by year it attracts more and more tourists.